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20 km/h

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Q: If A car travels for a half hour at a speed of 40km how far does the car go?
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Is a cyclist travels 20 km an half an hour her average speed is?

40km per hour

What is the velocity of car if travels 40km per hour?

666.67 seconds

What is the speed in miles per hour if a car travels 85 miles in 2 and a half hour?

Speed = 85/2.5 = 34 mph

What is the average speed if a cyclist travels 20 km in a half hour?

40 km per hour. 20 x 2 because that is in a half hour.

You drive from New Bern to Windsor. If Windsor is 40 km away and it takes you 1 hour to get there what is your speed?


What is the average speed of a car that travels 25 miles in one half hour?

It's 25 miles per half-hour, and it's also 50 miles per hour.

A car travels 25 kilometres in half an hour and then travels a further 35 kilometres in the next hour and a half What is the average speed for the whole journey?

Average speed is distance over time, so (25 + 35)/(.5 + 1.5) = 60/2 = 30 km/hr

If a car travels at 30 miles in a hour and a half what is the cars speed?

Just divide distance by time to get speed.30 miles / 1.5 hrs = 20 MPH

If the odometer in a car reads zero at the beginning of a trip and 50km a half an hour later what is the average speed?

If a car travels 50 km in a half hour, it would travel 100 km in one hour. Therefore, a car traveling 50 km in a half hour is averaging 100 km per hour.

What is the speed a speed walker travels?

3-4 Miles Per Hour

If the speedometer of your car reads a constant speed of 40km per hour can you say 100 for sure that the car has a velocity explain your answer?

Ok but did I ask?

What is the average speed of a car that travels 30 km in ½ hour?

60 km an hour