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There is a special needle used for this. It can be bought at a autopart store.

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Q: I am trying to grease my u-joints on my truck but the end of my grease gun does not fit in between the u-joint and the driveshaft to get to the zirk any suggestions?
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How do you grease the center carrier bearing of the driveshaft on a 2003 Chevy s-10 5-speed?

If you do not see a Zert grease fitting then you do not grease it, as it is sealed for life, which is probably the case.

How do you grease a slip yoke?

The proper way to grease a slip yoke is to unbolt one end of the driveshaft. Drop it an puii the yoke apart. Coat the splines with grease and reinstall.

Where are grease fittings on a 2002 Toyota Tacoma?

there should be around 6 grease zerks located on the driveshaft. at each U-joint and one all the way towards the back near the rear axle. You may have to lift the truck and turn the driveshaft by hand to get to them. (make sure to be on level ground and use all safety precautions). apply the grease specified liberally on the joints as it willl push out the old grease and in with the new. The one towards the back make sure not to over do it.

How do you change CV joints on a 1995 Nissan primera?

Remove driveshaft nut,remove kingpin grease cap and remove 17mm nut.Lever down kingpin from upper arm and remove driveshaft from hub.Hammer c.v. joint off shaft( inner circlip).

What is the difference between the leaf which had been coated with grease and the leaf which had not been coated with grease?

The grease

Is there a difference between suspension grease and bearing grease?

There is a difference in the two. Suspension grease will be thinner and the bearing grease would be much thicker in density .

Where are grease fittings on a 2004 Toyota 4 Runner and how many are there?

there are grease fittings on the driveshafts only. there are 3 on the front and 6 on the rear driveshaft. raise the vehicle up and put the transmission in neutral. the driveshafts can then be rotated to expose the fittings at the u-joints and the sliding joints.

How many grease fittings are there on a 1998 Chevy Suburban?

There is 11 grease fittings in the front end parts. You have 1 fitting in the front driveshaft, could have 1 in each u-joint. There may be fittings in the rear drive shaft too. There is 11 in the front Suspension for sure, and that is not counting the driveshafts.

Differences between lithium and dye lithium grease?

Lithium is a metal, lithium grease is a a grease having lithium compounds (derivatives af fatty acids).

What is grease used for?

Because grease is slippery, it reduces friction between solid moving objects. Machinery would not be practical without grease and other lubricants.

What are universal joints?

it allows your driveshaft to move freely it looks like a plus sign and usually has a grease fitting if you lose your u-joint your rack and pinion or drive shaft has most likely fallen out by now.

What is the difference between grease traps and grease chamber?

A grease chamber is a "drawer" or "bucket" beneath a broiler or grill. It catches natural grease runoff, which can be scraped out and disposed of after the grill or broiler has cooled. A grease trap is a specially designed plumbing fixture that keeps grease from going into the sewer or septic system.