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Assuming this is a front wheel drive axle (aka halfshaft), the CV joint and boot are what fails. You will hear a crunching/snapping noise when accelerating especially on a curve and you may also see grease spinning out from a torn boot.

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Q: How would you know if they axle is bad on your car?
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What are the signs of a bad axle on a car?

Need to know year, make , model, front axle or rear axle to help you.

Can bad shocks make a car vibrate at high speeds?

If it is a front wheel drive vehicle, it could be your cv axle or bad struts. yes bad shocks could cause vibration ,but i know my car had a bad cv axle in it a while back. the problem was the cv axle was broke in 2. Take it to an auto shop and ask them to test drive it and see if they can tell you what the problem might be. but if its a front wheel drive car, then i would bet money it is the cv axle but if its a rear wheel drive vehicle then ask them to check your universal joints(U-Joints.)

How would you know if your steering column is gone bad?

you know when you are not cotrolling the car.

What can cause a humming sound to come from the axle of my car?

A bearing going bad.

How would you know if your ac clutch bearing was going bad?

It is important to know the signs of a bad car part. If an AC clutch bearing going bad, the biggest indication would be the trouble driving with the AC on in the car.

Why would car shake when turning right?

bad cv axle joint or tire out of balance could be a lot of things have your auto shop check it out

How do you diagnose a bad cv axle?

If your car is not turning correctly, you will be able to tell either your CV axle or your control arm is bad. It will cost about $600 to fix either one, with parts.

Can you drive car with bad back axle?

It is possible, but you have to be stupid to drive with a bad axle because there would be more traction which could were off the axle which causes friction which could start a fire so it is possible. If your a cheap person and you don't want to change it, drive slowly and stay away from highways.Thank you,talk to me on ps3:the-godfather_o

What would be the likely cause of a squeaking sound on the passenger side only when the car is going over 20 MPH?

Bad CV joint on the axle maybe?

Why would car vibrate after resurfing all 4 rotors and installing new pads?

I don't know the details but you may have a bent axle.

What is a car axle?

what are the signs of a damaged front axle and is it dangerous to drive a car with a damaged axle.

Why does a axle break in a car?

Overload? Bad carrier bearing? Severe bump? Metal fatigue? (age)