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The simple explaination is there are gears at the bottom of the shaft which turn other gears in the steering box which move an arm which moves a series of linkages attached to the front wheels. In a rack & pinion, instead of gears in a box there are hydraulics that move tie rods connected to the wheels

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Q: How would a steering wheel control the wheels of a car?
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Where are Momo steering wheels made?

Momo Steering wheels are made in Italy. They also produce all the parts and pieces you would need to change your steering wheel out. Momo also is a top maker of custom wheels and rims made from a light alloy.

Does a ps3 steering wheel work with any car game?

NO, it does not! I have a G25 racing wheel and it does not work with ANY of the NASCAR racing games. You would think SONY would have an update for PS3 to recognize all Logitech steering wheels as just another gamepad so it could be an optional controller for all games. They did it with the Blue Ray remote, why not the steering wheels? Here is a link to steering wheel supported PS3 games.

Why would the steering wheel on your car shake?

If it happens when you are driving fast (60-70 MPH) it could be that your wheels are out of alignment.

What would cause your wheels not to turn when steering wheel moves on a 1998 Pontiac sunfire front wheel drive?

it depends on what you mean by not to turn. side to side or move forward backwards.(stall) if you driving and when you turn the steering wheel the vehicle stops moving then the problem may be your cv axles some how disconecting from the transaxle. if you mean you turn the steering wheel and the wheels don't do anything then your rack and pinion is bad,or your steering column or u joints are loose/disconected. also check where the column and rack interlock sometimes that screw strips and the steering wheel turns but it would not transfer the motion to the rack. how does the steering wheel feels. same,loose,keeps turning endlessly?

What is the correct tire pressure for a 2004 Honda Accord with 19 wheels?

If you have an Accord with 19 wheels, you can fill them to whatever pressure you'd like. My Accord only has 6 (4 + spare + steering wheel). I would recommend 32 psi for the tires, and not put any air in the steering wheel.

What is a steering wheel nut?

That would be the nut that holds the steering wheel to the steering shaft.

Where is the clock spring located for a 1995 aerostar cruise control?

The clock spring would be inside the plastic steering column cover ( it allows you to turn the steering wheel without " breaking " the wiring connection to your horn and steering wheel mounted cruise control buttons )

What would cause a steering wheel and entire large car both to wobble violently?

Worn-out ball joints in the steering linkage or suspension. This allows the steering angle between the wheels to vary, causing them to wobble.

What steers a boat?

A steering wheel would steer a boat, and a captain would be controlling the steering wheel.

How do you tear apart steering wheel?

Why would you want to tear a steering wheel apart

Why would a steering wheel be upside down when enterina a car?

Steering wheel was installed upside down or the steering wheel is turned 180 degrees.

When a car is anticipating a turn isn't the steering wheel providing the centripetal force rather than the road friction?

No steering wheel won't provide the centripetal only the friction between the tyre and road provides the necessary centripetal. Steering would simply turn the wheels of the car to the desired direction.