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The car radio back then was to listen to news, music, and entertainment. The same way as it is used today

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Q: How was the car radio used back then and how is it used now?
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What if your car got the radio stolen out of it and now my car wont start?

Replace it with a new radio or use car insurace

Can you return a used car back to the dealer in Nebraska?

Why would the dealer want it back. You bought it, and it is now your car. Remember, buyer beware.

When you Replace radio in SL2 do you have to reset any switches etc - car wont start now?

No, there are no resets after you replace your radio. I would however check to make sure you put all the wires back on - and did not take something important out. Eric

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In my back yard

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Not if you signed the contract to purchase the vehicle, unless the dealer agrees to let you back out. If you have taken delivery of the vehicle and drove it off the lot it is now a used car and it belongs to you.

Took the radio out and now it will not start?

in is the theft device in the dash put back in

When was radio used as communication?

Continuously from the 1890s until now.

My key will not turn at all cant start car 2002no radio lights every now and then door chim works?

try tuning your wheel back and forth they get stuck in lock position

May you return a used car with a limited time warranty in Georgia?

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How do you replace an instrument panal on a 1984 300zx LEft the car on to listen to radio while testing the wires and the dash borad started smoking now they lights wont close back lights wont work?

The constant power line from you radio is shorting out on your radio harness the same thing happened to me the other day

You were puting a car stereo on your car and the posstive cabel touch mettal and it sparked and shot of the car and now it will not turn back up?

Check the fuse for the radio in your fusebox. Rule #1 for any electrical work is to disconnect the battery positive cable.Or do you mean that the battery cable touched metal?

Changed your stock radio with a indash radio now your 2000 323ci wont start but the radio works does anybody know what to do?

put in the stock radio, does your car start, if it does then its the radio causing the problem, if not then more problems then the radio. if it does start with the stock radio in i would think the aftermarket radio is causing some kind of fault in the car, perhaps the radio is sending a faulty message in the i-bus telling the car not to start. i would jump out any bus wires so they are not routed through the aftermarket radio and see what happens. good luck.