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if someone pays cash for a vehicle, they can purchase a car immediately after a repossession. if you want to's up to the bank if they want to give you a loan. there's no specific time limit if you can get someone or a bank to give you a loan.

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Q: How soon can you purchase a car after a reposession?
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Can i still purchase a car with a reposession on my credit report?

You can always purchase a car. Getting financing for a car may be more difficult, but that's true for anyone with compromised credit. Regardless of your credit, shop around to find the best deal you can with your history.

Can you keep your car from reposession?

Keep the car at a relatives or friends garage

Can you rent a car with a car repossession on your record?

You can't rent a car with a car reposession. Unless you do something about it.

Can the police get involved in a car reposession from a car dealership?

No they can only be present if you are being sued, or there is a disturbance

Are you able to get a car if you have a reposession on your name?

This depends upon your credit score.

When does a reposession affect your credit score?

it will be on there as soon as the order gets sent to the repo company, they are the collection agency. after they repo ur car and it gets sold at auction ur credit score will change .

You bought your car privately and didn't transfer title the guy who sold it to me took it right off the street is this reposession or theft he called it reposession?

I would think theft

What reposession company handles toyota's reposessions?

the police or dealership that you got the car from always handles REPOs

If a car is purchased in ca and registered on SD which state laws apply for reposession?

SD since it is registered.

Is it illegal in Maryland to hide a car from repo?

I believe it is illegal to hide anything in any state from reposession.

If you volunteer a reposession on a lease car and the car is not operable what happens?

They repossess it anyway and you could be responsible for the repair cost, depending on the lease contract.

Car was repossessed with you sitting in it and it was in your backyard and cops were called by repo man to make you get out of the car is that considered breach of peace?

YES! reposession is a civil matter, reposession men have been sued over cases like this and lost. He should have approched you and stated he's there to repo the car because your behind on payments and if you declined, he should have left and came back later to get the car.