How soon can you drive after appendectomy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I had an appendectomy and was out of hospital within 24 hours. I took the car to the hospital so kinda had to drive home. It was slightly uncomfortable but not too bad. Just try not to go over too many bumbs!

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Q: How soon can you drive after appendectomy?
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Can China Anne McClain drive yet or will she drive soon?

She will drive soon! :)

What anatomical PARTof the body is appendectomy?

An appendectomy is the removal of ones appendix?

What is is the word root of appendectomy?

Appendix. An appendectomy is the operation to remove the appendix.

Is appendectomy a type of excision?

Yes, appendectomy is excision (surgical removal) of the appendix.

What is the best diet after appendectomy?

The same as before an appendectomy. aA balanced one.

Can you swim if you had a appendectomy?

As long as the scar is healed then there is no reason why you can't swim after an appendectomy

What cpt and icd-9 codes would you use for an open appendectomy?

open appendectomy

What cavity is entered for an appendectomy?

The abdominopelvic cavity would have to be opened for an appendectomy.

What is the root in appendectomy?

Append- is the root in the term appendectomy. The suffix -ectomy indicates surgical removal.

What is an appendectomy?

The suffix "itis" means inflammation. The root word "append" stands for the appendix. Therefore, appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix, which is located in the lower right side of the abdomen (right lower quadrant). If appendicitis is confirmed by a physician, it must be removed surgically as soon as possible.

Is the appendectomy ventral?

The appendix is ventral (in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen in humans) and this an appendectomy would be performed ventraly.

What is status- post appendectomy?

"Status post appendectomy remote" means the patient had her appendix surgically removed, but not recently.