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Squeeze your brakes in slow ,steady strokes.

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Q: How should you use your brake pedal on a slippery road?
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What cause grinding when you are ATTEMPTING to brake?

If you are on a slippery road or just push the brake as hard as you can, that odd grinding feeling is probably your anti-lock brake system. The pedal will feel like it is grinding under your foot, accompanied by a grinding noise. this is a good thing, it means the system is working properly. If you aren't on a slick road or jamming the break, you should see a mechanic immediately.

What has the author Phillip Atkinson Costain written?

Phillip Atkinson Costain has written: 'A road test comparison of reaction times using the combined brake-accelerator pedal and the conventional brake pedal at varying speeds and road conditions'

What has the author Heston W Higginbotham written?

Heston W. Higginbotham has written: 'A road test comparison of reaction times using an operational combined brake-accelerator pedal and the conventional brake pedal'

The slippery road sign coming on when the road is not slippery means what?

This spot is prone to being slippery with out warning. BE CAREFULL!

A road is most slippery?

A dry road is most slippery right after it starts raining. Of course any road is most slippery when it is covered in ice.

How do you get a broken e brake cable on a 1997 Bonneville to stop chiming when you drive down the road?

Replace emergency brake cable Secure emergency brake pedal in its upper most position (released)

When you should enter a curve slower than the posted speed limit?

Road conditions are slippery

What does the orange light on the dashboard of a Vauxhall Astra mean with a car and a slippery road?

its your abs brake light coming on it stops car skidding on wet roads

What is the meaning of slippery road?

A slippery road refers to a road surface that is smooth and offers less traction for vehicles due to wet conditions, ice, snow, oil spills, or loose gravel. This can increase the risk of accidents as vehicles may have difficulty maintaining grip and control on the road. Drivers should exercise caution and adjust their driving behavior when encountering slippery road conditions.

Which gear should you use to start up on a slippery road?

1st gear is fine but do not overrev the engine

When road is most slippery?

when it begins to rain

Why road slippery when wet?

Because of its wetness