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The laws that apply to sedans are the same ones that apply to convertibles. As long as the baby is in the back seat and is secured in an approved baby seat it can ride in a convertible. But never in the front seat of any car.

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Q: How old should a baby be to ride in a convertible car?
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Is it legal for a child to ride in a convertible car?


John F. Kennedy- what car did he ride in?

A Lincoln convertible

Which convertible car seat should I buy?

The Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat has good reviews online, it can fit both babies when used as a rear-facing car seat, and toddlers when used as a front-facing car seat.

How old should a child be to ride in a convertible?

As far as I know, there are no certain laws pertaining to convertibles. Follow the same seatbelt and car seat guidelines as you would a regular car.

Where can a Britax convertible car seat be bought?

One can purchase a Britax convertible car seat on websites such as Amazon and Britax. They are also available on eBay, Seat, Babble, Baby Age or Buy Buy Baby.

Can a baby ride with someone who has a learners permit in the car?


What type of car does grady sizemore got?

baby blue 1966 Lincoln Continental convertible

Is it legal for children to ride in a convertible car?

yes. just as long as they aren't driving ! and make sure they have seatbelt on (as normal)

Is it okay to ride on the back of a quad if your pregnant?

no, you should ride in ride in the back set of a car, just in case an accident happen you and your baby have a better chance of making it out ok. also try to avoid driving.

Can dogs safely ride in convertible cars?

This depends on the breed of dog and the size of the car. For the most part they will know to remain within the car, but it is not always recommendable.

How can you find more information about convertible car seats?

Convertible car seats have been designed for the infant and the child up to and including 80 pounds. There are buying guides and information readily available to the consumer. Baby Center and Britax USA have buying guides and valuable information regarding convertible car seats.

What is the gas mileage for the Sebring Convertible?

Depending on how the car is drivenand which convertible, mileage can vary. But, according to Chrysler, this car should get 20 mpg in the city and around 27 on highway.