How old is a Yaris car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That Yaris has been in production since 1999, and is still in production as of 2013.

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Q: How old is a Yaris car?
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What is yaris?

The Toyota yaris is a subcompact car produced by the Toyota car company since 1999. This car replaced the Toyota Starlet mode in Japan.

Where can one read reviews for Toyota Yaris cars?

You can read reviews of Toyota Yaris cars on the Auto Trader website. On the What Car? website you will also find some reviews of the Toyota Yaris motor car.

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Is a Toyota Yaris a good first car?

The Toyota Yaris makes a lot of sense for the first time car buyer. A good first car should be reliable and Toyota make a great vehicle. The Yaris also is a good choice in that it is relatively inexpensive to insure. These two factors combined with the fact that the Yaris is fun to drive make it the perfect choice for a first car.

Is a Toyota Yaris sedan a passenger car?


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Is there a car that starts with the letter Y?

Toyota Yaris

How many miles per gallon does a Toyota yaris get?

I ALWAYS get 37 mpg with my 2008 Yaris! It is a great little car!

What company sell Toyota yaris?

Any company that sells Toyota's should sell the Yaris. If you are looking for a new car, you may visit a Toyota dealership, if used car, any local dealership will most likely have the Toyota Yaris you are looking for.

Is a yaris car a Toyota make and model?

Yes, a Yaris is a car made by Toyota. You can go to a local dealership and you will be able to find that model on any of the Toyota lots that you visit.

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How about a Toyota Yaris?

Is the Toyota Yaris a compact car?

Toyota Yaris is a subcompact car. It was produced by Toyota since 1999. It has the rank of number 23 in Affordable Small Cars by U.S. News. It has a long history.