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you need to be around 18

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Q: How old do you have to be to get your drivers liceace in Massachusetts?
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How old did you have to be to get a Massachusetts drivers license before 1998?

Before 1998, you had to be 16 years old to get a driver's license in Massachusetts. The age for licensing in that state is now 18 years old.

How old do you have to be to start drivers ed in Massachusetts?

I'm pretty sure you have to be at least 15 and a half.

At what age can you get your drivers license in Massachusetts?

Under 18 years old or aboveResident of MassachusettsCitizen or legally present in US

How renew expired Massachusetts drivers license?

You can renew your expired Massachusetts drivers license at the Massachusetts RMV. Bring the required documents and applicable fees to complete this transaction.

How many NASCAR drivers are from Massachusetts?


Are Massachusetts drivers licenses in compliance with the federal REAL ID Act?

No, Massachusetts drivers licenses are not yet in compliance with the Federal Real ID Act.

Can I get a Florida drivers license if my license is suspended in Massachusetts?


Does Massachusetts have a driver's license points system?

What states can you get your drivers license in if your drivers license is suspended in Massachusetts?

I don't think that you can drive anywhere :(

Is an international driver's license valid in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Yes, an international drivers license is valid in Massachusetts.

What states can you apply for a drivers license if suspended in Massachusetts?


What does green stamp mean between truck drivers?

MONEY In Massachusetts it refers to the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)