How oftren should you change RV tires?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You should replace RV or trailer tires using the same guidelines as car/truck tires. Measure the tred depth using a tire tred depth guage. They can be purchased using a red/yellow/green color system. If the tred depth is in the red, it is time to replace them.

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Q: How oftren should you change RV tires?
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Where can one find cheap RV tires?

Discount RV tires can be found at any Discount Tire chain store. Cheap RV tires can also be purchased from websites such as Craigslist, NexTag, Amazon and eBay.

Where can I fins a good deal on RV tires ?

Craigslist and amazon are the best places to find RV tires at low affordable prices.

Are hankook RV tires ok?

Yes, Hankook make very good tires.

Where is the best place to get new RV tires?

The best place to get them is at any RV Store. There are typically rv stores in most malls, and Sears also has a large section of RV information. If you cannot find an RV store near you, try any autobody shop and see if they carry larger tires to fit RVs.

Where can i get a good deal on RV tires ?

There are lots of different websites online where you can find good deals on RV tires.I personally recommend

Can a dealer sell a car with dry rot tires with out saying?

dealer selling rv with dry rot tires

Where can you find 16.5 inch tires for your older RV?

Any tire shop can still order 16.5 inch tires.

Are Greenball tires made in China?

Greenball Tires are made in Taiwan and China. They specialise in making tires for Golfcarts, trailers, small RV's and similar small vehicles.

What should the tire pressure be on RV tires?

The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.The proper pressure for you vehicle's tires will be listed on the label on the driver side door jamb.

My W22 chassis came with Michelin XRV 235 80 R 22.5 tires. Conventional wisdom states RV tires should be replaced after 7 years. Can I replace them with other tires?

You can replace them with another brand that is the same size and load rating (signified with a letter eg. C,D,E).

What companies make camper tires?

There are several companies that make camper tires. Some of these include: Goodyear, Eldorado Sport Fury, Falken Wildpeak, Mastercraft, and Firestone RV.

What is the height of an 1983 Jamboree RV?

Depends on tires, height, pressure, no joke, keep that in mind when pulling in anywhere.Also on the air-adjustable shocks.Last Measure twice cut once, go check it out after you have proper tire pressure and you have the shocks at the maximum allowed rating. Then you will know.anytime you change tires make note.Kadius1964~blog me.