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Cars don't float, they sink.

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Q: How much water does it take for a car to float?
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How much water is needed to float your car away?

u need only a couple inches of water off the ground to unilate the mass tap of the intaratsial balance of your car and of the water that highers to a greater extinct to a total distance away to float your car away

Can a punch buggie car float?

Yes, they actually can float in water!

How many inches of water can float a car?

6 inches of water No 6 inches of water can cause you to loose traction and hydroplane but 24 inches of water is needed to actually float the car

How much water does it take to wash a car?

That depends on how dirty and what car it is

How do you make a car float on water?

One way to make a car float on water is by fitting it with flotation devices, such as inflatable bags or foam blocks, to increase its buoyancy. These devices can help distribute the weight of the car more evenly and prevent it from sinking. Additionally, sealing any openings or gaps in the car to prevent water from entering can also help it float.

How much water does it take to lift a car?

That depends on the water pressure and the surface area that the water is pushing against.

Does water float on perol?

NO! Gasoline and oil will float on water. Also: add ethanol or methanol and the water will be suspended in the fuel and be burnt without any problems. alcohol is good for the car too.

Will car handling be affected driving into high water?

Yes, If the water is high enough or flowing fast, you will have no control of the car. The car will start to float, plus the engine will die.

Can a car float on water?

Not unless specifically desiged to do so. Normal vehicle will sink like a rock? Old vw beetles float for a while

How do you get your car to float on water in grand theft auto vice city stories?

Yes, the cars float in GTA III. If you dive into the water with any given car of the game, you will float up again. Even though this is the case, you will only be able to stay afloat for as long as you stay alive and being in the water means a fast hp-drain. This means there really is no point in entering the water in the first place, since all you will accomplish is getting yourself killed. Anyhow, although the cars you drive float, the cars other people drive only floats for a short amount of time, until they explode.

Will the toy car float or sink in water?

It all depends on what it is made of. Some made of metal will sink and others made of wood will not. Also the amount of air inside the enclosed part will also determine if it will or will not float.

How much water does it take to make a car?

none because a car is a solid not a liquid.............. sometimes people ask stupid qustions