How much was a new car in 1962?

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Q: How much was a new car in 1962?
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How much did a car cost in 1962?

probaby around 100 dollars the most.. ========================================================== My 1963 Plymouth was $ 2600 new

What was the Average cost of a new car in 1962?


How much does a new car cost on average?

How much does a new car cost?

In New York how much did cigarettes cost in 1962?


How much was a new car in 2000?

Depends on the car

How much is a new car registration fee?

what are registration and license fees on a new car in north carolina

How much was the average cost of a new car in 1970?

It was about $3542 for a new car during this time period. This amount is much less than what a new car goes for now.

How much is the ticket price on a brand new car?

It depends on what brand of new car you decide to get.

How much was a new car in 2006?

in 2006 a new car was around 14 to twenty thousand

How much was a new car in 1968?


How much does a little car weigh?

1962-65 Peal P50 weighed 130lbs. 1953-61 Isetta weighted 1,050lbs. Small cars today are heavier at: New fiat 500 weighs 2,000lbs. smart car weighs 1,600lbs.

How much is a 1962 hotwheel worth?

If it is a very rare 1962 car, in super mint condition, it can be worth up to £5,000. But not all of the 1962 hotwheels are worth that much. The idiot above is not a toy collector^. Hotwheels where first manufactured in 1967 in the USA. If you are talking about a matchbox or lesney car then that could be from 1962. And these cars are not worth in the thousands unless you have a extremely rare car and i have only a few in my couple thousand cars. Realisticly you could get 50 bucks for opened mint condition.

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