How much to pour a 15x15 cement pad?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The answer depends on a few things. If the pad area is accessible to the truck or will they have to use an extra long feeder tube to accomplish this the cost just for the truck can be $500 additional. The normal charge in SE US varies from $3 to $5 per square foot, providing it is easily accessible. The cost should be between $700 and $1100 as a ballpark number.

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Q: How much to pour a 15x15 cement pad?
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How many bags of cement for a pad 4x7x4 inches thick?

how many bags of cement for a pad 4x7x4 inches thick

How thick should a cement pad be if used for a foundation for a 15' x 48 above ground pool?

I think you meant concrete pad not cement. A 6 in pad should work for you.

How many yards of cement do you need for a9x12x5 pad?

A 9'x12'x5" pad requires 1.67 cubic yards.

How much concrete in a pad 7 ft long 10 wide 8high?

You would need 1.72 yards of cement. Add 5% for error (adjusted to 1.81) order 2 yards of cement.

Can you glue down carpet pad?

Yes and it is common when pad is being placed onto a cement substrate. It should be noted that when pad is glued, removing it later can be a very messy job.

How many yards of cement do you need for a 20x20x6 pad?

You will need a minimum of 7.41 cubic yards.

You have 1728 sq ft how many yards of cement do you need?

1704==============================Another contributor put a finer point on it:The amount you'll need depends on how deep the pad has to be.This is a big pad. The surface area is 192 square yards. You'll need 192 cubic yards of concretefor every yard deep you pour it.That's 64 cubic yards for every foot deep.The first contributor's answer of '1704' is correct if you pour it 26feet 7.5inches deep.That could get expensive.

How many cement used in area of 24'x16'?

1.1852 cubic yards for every inch the pad is deep.

What do you place between the ground and a pool filter?

The filter, pool pump, heater and any other piece of equipment should be located upon a cement pad large enough to accommodate all required equipment. the equipment and cement pad should conform to city, county, federal etc. codes.

How can you remove old dried cement from aluminum window frame?

You can remove dried cement from an aluminum window by using a soft scrubbing pad, water, and a cleanser. Scrub in the direction of the grain. Repeat until the cement is gone. If this does not work, you can try denatured alcohol.

How thick does cement driveways have to be to support 25 ton truck?

A 4 Inch thick, Rebar reinforced pad would work fine.OrA 4 Inch thick FiberFlow pad would work as well.

How much is an you pad?

it is about $7000