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Depends entirely on the make and model.

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Q: How much should it cost to have the breaks and rotors replaced on a SUV?
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Average cost of replacing brake pads and rotors on truck?

WELL, I HAVE A 2005 TOYOTA SUV AND I JUST HAD MY FRONT ROTORS AND BRAKE PADS REPLACED AND IT COST ME 325.00. If you do it your self it is about 140.00

Cost to replace pads and rotors on 2000 Olds alero?

I replaced my two front rotors and pads for $97.00 plus tax just last weekend.PEPBOYS

How much should you pay to replace brake pads and turn the rotors on a Kia Optima?

I recently got a quote for my 2003 Kia Optima brake pads & rotors to be replaced in the rear and it came to $183 before taxes. This price is to replace both pads and rotors completely. Usually rotors don't cost much to be turned.

What is the average cost of getting your brakes fixed?

The average cost to get your brake pads replaced is $90-$150. If the rotors need to be replaced it could cost anywhere from $300-$650. A good place to take your car to is Firestone.

How much should replacing brake rotors cost on a Chrysler Pacifica?

Replacing brake rotors on a Chrysler Pacifica will vary in price depend on the labor cost. The price should be around $150 dollars.

How much should it cost to have rear brakes replaced on ford explorer 2002?

Depends - simply replacing pads? replacing pads and machining rotors? replacing pads and rotors? repairing any other brake issues as well? But how much it "should" cost and the actual cost may vary. Shop around, but you'll probably get a typical price range rather than an exact price.

How much does it cost to replace breaks on a 2003 Kia Sedona?

Just had the front brakes and rotors replaced, rear brakes adjusted, 2004 Kia Sedona, $537 at a Kia dealer. You can get it cheaper from a good local mechanic, maybe $350.00 - $400.00.

How much should it cost to replace rotors and pads on a 1999 Honda Accord EX?

To replace rotors and pads including labor cost you are looking at 600 bucks. axl

How much should Front Brake Pads and Rotors cost including LaborFor a 2002 Chevy Prism?

I just replaced mine (DIY) for $89 with tax, so that's without labor.

What should a brake job cost on a 1994 Escort?

Usually Just Brakes will charge $99 sometimes more if rotors or calipers are damaged = Front Brakes & Rotors = I just had mine replaced (14" Rotors), cost me $74.23 for the parts. 2 New Rotors, and 4 pads. Now changing them is a different story. My 1996 pads are mounted on tracks, that slide left and right. Held by 2 pins each. Really scary, especially if they are half-frozen.

How much should replacing brake rotors cost?

We replaced mine today for $100 parts. If you go to one of the repair shops it will be $350-$450 depending on the shop. They markup the parts, then charge labor.

What is the average brake repair cost for a Toyota Camry?

If only brake pads need to be replaced, the cost will be around $150. If the rotors are also bad, the price will be around $450.

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