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depends, whole car? anywhere from 2,500, to 40,000. like a hood or something, just a few hundred.

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Q: How much should a body shop charge to repair paint?
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Could you inform me about paint less dent repair?

Paint less dent repair (aka paint less dent removal) is basically how to get rid of dents on a car mirror or body. There are many ways to do this, but what I would suggest would be that if it is severe, then you should pay a master. If not, you may not be able to repair the damage yourself.

What do I need to start an auto body paint & repair business?

There are many things you need in order to start an auto body paint and repair business. Most important, you need a college education.

How much on average to get a complete auto body paint & repair job?

A paint job will usually cost between 350 to 700$. Body repair is just a general term and the price depends upon the extent of the work needed.

What should you paint your body with before rolling on canvas?


Where can I find information about automotive paint and body work?

Well you can go to a body shop and get the repair work done for paint jobs and your car's body. They can be very expensive but well worth it when you get it done.

Why types of work does a body shop do on your car?

A body shop makes repairs to the body (outside structure) of your car. For example, they can repair your car after a collision, paint the exterior, or repair scratches and dents.

Auto paint and body shop -- Investment and wages?

I'm thinking of starting my own business. How much of an investment would it take to open an auto paint and body shop? How much are the average pay rates for body repair techs?

Should I wear a body suit when spraying latex paint?

You should wear anything that help you be safe of the paint getting on your skin.

What material besides bondo is used in an auto body repair shop?

There are many materials in auto repair shops becides bondo, to include but not limited to. Primer, paint thiner, lacquer thinner, paint, filler, polishes and waxes. In most repair shops you will also find sheet metal.U will also find paints and paint guns,as well as dent pullers.

In automotive collision repair who is responsible for primer application the painter or the auto body tech?

Primer application is a part of the paint preparation.

Where is the cheapest auto body shop to paint & repair a car in the Bronx?

As far as a nationwide chain I would go with MAAco. You may be able to negotiate a great price with a local repair shop in your area.

Why is it so expensive to repair body damage on a Honda Accord?

It is expensive to repair body damage on any vehicle not just the Honda Accord. Reason being is that the parts & paint are expensive and it is a very labor-intensive procedure. The Honda Accord is no more expensive to repair than any other modern vehicle.