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About 1 liter

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Q: How much petrol remains when your passion pro bike enters in reserve mode?
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How much petrol remains when honda cbunicorn bike enters in reserve mode?

1.5 ltrs

What does res means on petrol tank?

RES simply it says RESERVE Petrol to be flown to the carburator.

Ford focus How much petrol in reserve when petrol warning light comes on?

to my knowledge 5 litres.

How many liters of petrol in reserve in Toyota fortuner 2.7tank?


Do solar cars use petrol?

yes, they have a reserve of petrol as a back up but they do not use much as they are solar powered. their main power comes from the solar panels.

What is a petcock on a motorbike Honda blackbird?

A petcock is a fuel swich on the petrol tank that can turn the flow of petrol to the engine on and off. It usually has a on, off and sometimes reserve setting.

Where is the thermostat on a 97 Land Rover?

If the vehicle is a petrol V8 it is located at the front of the intake manifold where the top hose enters the block.

Does the Suzuki bandit 1200 have a reserve petrol tank?

Yes and no, I have a 2002 bandit 1200s, it has a reserve switch to the left of seat... You need to switch to reserve by around 115 miles ridden or the bike will slow at throttle and shut off. It has a gravity feed hose below normal hose, that is reserve, just simply turn the knob "arrow up" and it will go to reserve.

What speed can you go in hybrid cars until it change to petrol?

The engine remains running during the movement of the car.

How many miles would you have left when the petrol light comes on?

The amount of petrol left after the fuel light comes on varies by make and year of car. The reserve tank on most vehicles holds about 1.5 to 2 gallons of petrol or gas. To estimate the miles left a person needs to know the miles per gallon of the car.

How much fuel remains after the fuel light comes on in a 1994 Mitsubishi pajero 3L petrol swb?

8.5 liters about 50 miles

What are the sources of lead in the atmosphere?

Until relatively recently, lead was added to petrol to raise its octane rating. After decades of cars emitting this into our atmosphere, scientists began to find high levels of lead in the air of our cities and along major traffic arteries. Even after lead is no longer added to fuel, the lead remains in our urban environment and re-enters the atmosphere when disturbed.