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For the US, the average is somewhere between 15 barrels a day and 30 barrels a day, but some are producing much more.

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Q: How much oil does an oil well produce daily?
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How much oil does the us produce daily?

the united states produce about 400 billion gallons of oil in 5 hours you are a complete moron if you believed that

How much oil can the average well produce and how long can a single well last?

Depends on the length and how long it is worked in.

How much crude oil do you produce and import?

I personally produce or import no crude oil

How much oil does fracking produce?

Fracking can produce varying amounts of oil depending on factors like the geology of the site, technology used, and well conditions. On average, a fracked well can produce anywhere from hundreds to thousands of barrels of oil per day during its peak production, with overall production declining over time.

Why are oil sands important to Canada?

Oil sands are important to Canada, and the United States, because of how much oil they produce, and how much oil we consume with our machines, or how ever else. But its also important because, well as my opinion as a Canadian, it is Dirty Oil.

How much oil can the US produce?

i think we can produce over 3 million gallons of oil everyday.

How much oil does France consume daily?

32 barrels of oil. they dont need very much.

What countries use the most oil and how much?

US at about 20,000,000 barrels of oil daily.

How much Oil in Take in teaspoon Daily?

A teaspoon. 5ml

How much oil to produce 60000 BTU?

About 0.43 US gallons of oil.

How much oil does Europe produce?

Europe produces close to 20% of the world's oil.

How much oil do a single American consume daily?

An average of 19.4 million barrel of petroleum products daily.