How much mpg did a car in 1965 get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: How much mpg did a car in 1965 get?
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How many mpg does a 1965 impala get?

At best, you'll get 10-15 mpg. Don't get this kind of car if you want to save fuel, because it's a gas guzzler.

How much mpg do hybrids get?

It ranges on how big you car is and what fuel you're using. It can range from 25 to 50 mpg

What is a race car's mpg?

This varies by race car by race car. The mpg spends on the kind of track, weather conditions, tyres, and how long the race is. Some race cars are designed for high mpg. Example is that a F1 car would do around 3-4 mpg whereas some can do as much as 60 but for oblivious reasons. The average mpg usually around 3-6 MPG.

How much gas does an average car use?

Around 28 to 34 mpg

What is the most mpg a car has?

Usually highway driving is where a car gets the most mpg.

How much was a car in 1965?

approximately £1

How much gas spent is it from Tampa to Newark?

Well it matters on what car and mpg it has first.

How much money do I need to drive from Ct to Florida I am driving a 4 cylinder car?

I am sorry. Some 4 cylinder cars get as little as 18 mpg and as much 54 mpg.

What is the average mpg on a midsize car?


How much was a new car in 1965?

Well back in the 1900's a car in 1965 [new] it would cost 3000$.

How much mpg does a 1964 98 Oldsmobile achieve?

My first car back in1972 . 9 to 12 mpg but gas was under .40 cents back then.

Where to get mpg calculator for my car?

You can get an mpg calculator for your car at the local custom car shops. They will install it for you if you buy it from them. They make them very fast for any car.