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right now you should get at least $5.50 per 100 pounds at least near the gulf coast. but try Craigslist instead and advertiste it at double what you want and take on offer you will get more that way

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Q: How much money can you get if you sell your car to the scrap yard?
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How much money can you get for a catalytic converter at a scrap yard?

In my area about $25

What happens to scrap metal after its thrown away?

Nothing will happen to your scrap metal. It will be taken to a land fill. Do yourself some good, and take it to a scrap yard, sell it, make some money, and keep that scrap out of the landfills.

How much can you sell a 95 honda civic with a blown head gasket?

Scrap it and take it to a salvage yard.

How Does Society Benefit From The Car?

They sell it to the scrap yard for cash.

If your car was badly damaged and your dont want it fixed can you get it totaled?

you can sell int for scrap at a scrap yard.

Can you sell cast iron for scrap?

yes cast iron can be sold for scrap. Check you local listing for a scrap yard in your area.

If you would scrap a 1988 Chevy G20 van how much money would you get?

Matters what your scrap yard is paying per ton. 3tons would be a low on how much it weighs

What parts of a car are worth money at a scrap yard?

pretty much all the parts, as long as they are in good condition.

How does a scrap yard work?

A scrap yard works by opening the yard for people to drop off metal items. The person is paid per pound. The scrap yard hauls the metal to a different location and receives more money per pound.

Is a transmission considered scrap metal?

Yes, a transmission is considered scrap metal! You can sell it to a scrap yard if you wish. They are usually made of some kind of aluminum.

Where do i take my scrap metal car to get money?

To an auto wrecking yard.

Is scrap metal bio degradable?

scrap metal is not biodegradable in the most common sense of the word. Scrap metal should be recycled at your nearest scrap yard. By scrapping copper aluminum and iron scrap metal, depending on the current prices, you could sell it for a hefty amount of money. currently copper is 3 dollars per pound.