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It is important to keep track of a learners permit. If a person loses it the cost can be as low as $15 to as high as $35. It depends on the state.

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2014-08-21 13:43:35
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Q: How much is the replacement fee for a learners permit?
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How much is a replacement fee for a learners permit?


How much is replacement fee for learners permit?

around $17 in Australia

How do you replace a lost learners permit in Texas?

If you lose your permit, you'll need to apply for a replacement through your local driver license office. The fee for a duplicate permit is $10.

What do you do when you misplace your learners permit?

Apply for a new one - it will probably cost you a small administrative fee. Do not drive.

How long does it take to get a Learners permit in South Australia?

As long as your of the requisite age (16) you can get a learners permit by sitting and passing a test that takes less than an hour, having your photo taken for the license and paying the fee.

If you get a learners permit and you are 18 do you have to pay for your drivers license?

Concerning Califoria law:No. The application fee encompasses both the learners permit AND the drivers license. Being 18+ years old is irrelivant.

How much is fee for re entry permit?

it costs $385 it includes fee for finger prints $80 and government fee which is $305.

How much does it cost to get your gun licence in Victoria Australia?

the fee for mine was around $180 and then there is a fee for the permit to buy a firearm after that.

How much is a yard sale fee if you dont have a permit?

If you don't get a permit, you probably won't pay any fee. Now, whether that breaks your local ordinances, no one here can really answer.

How can you get your learners permit?

Look up Department for Motor Vehicles +your state You usually have to take a quick test, pass a vision test (read the chart) and pay a fee at the Department of Motor Vehicles

How much does it cost for your written learners test?

Directgov website 08.02.2011 Written theory test for cars and motorcycles ---- Fee £31

How do you get a learners permit for driving?

In all provinces and territories of Canada, you would normally purchase and study a handbook of driving rules, regulations and courtesies, and then write a test at a local Ministry of Transportion office to show knowledge of these rules. On succesful completion of the written test, and for a fee, you will be given a learners permit that allows you to drive an automobile under specific conditions and with certain restrictions intended to prepare you for further practical testing that will eventually earn you a full driver's permit.

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