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Q: How much is the fine for failure to register a vehicle in phoenix Arizona?
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How much is a ticket for failure to register a used vehicle in Tulsa ok?

In the City of Tulsa, the fee for failure to register a vehicle follows Oklahoma state laws. The fee amounts toÊ25 cents per unregistered day.

Do you need an Arizona drivers license to purchase and register a vehicle in Arizona?

Yes, and not only that you are going to have to prove proof of auto insurance in order to get plates for the car.

If you buy a truck from an Arizona dealership but live in Nevada where do you pay tax?

Normally the state in which you register the vehicle. That would be Nevada.

How much would it cost to drive from phoenix Arizona to Ohio?

This depends entirely on how efficient your vehicle is and if you stop along the way to sleep or eat.

Will a failure to control vehicle to avoid a collision ticket in Arizona affect your insurance rates?

Yes, it absolutely does. I received said ticket as well.

Does getting a ticket for failure to register a vehicle raise your insurance rates?

Will depend on your carriers definition of a chargeable offense contact your agent or policy services dept for the answer.

Vehicle Sales Tax Question you live in Arizona and im buying a truck in California what stat do you pay in?

You pay the sales tax when you go into the DMV to register the vehicle. In this case you would be paying the Arizona sales tax. I purchased a car from Colorado and registered it in Califonia and payed California sales tax.

Can you register a vehicle without a tittle?

How can i register a vehicle from a different state without a point of origin in California

Register car in GA with pending DUI?

You can register a vehicle. Registering a vehicle signifies the ownership of it and not operating privileges.

How do you get sales tax back on car bought in Phoenix Arizona from a dealer?

When you find out..I would love to know. I bought a vehicle in Phoenix from Chapman. They didn't disclose it had been wrecked . They bought it back...but I lost sales tax. They wouldn't unwind the deal...I live in TX.

Do you need a license to register a vehicle in Ma?

Yes you would need a valid drivers license to register a vehicle in mass.

How much is fine for failure to yield to emergence vehicle?

How much is the fine for failure to yield to emergency vehicle?