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Car insurance for new, young drivers is more expensive then adult's car insurance. The reason is drivers have to prove to the insurance companies that they are safe drivers. The average insurance for new drivers is anywhere from $2000 to $5000 a year, depending on the type of vehicle insured and one's location.

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Q: How much is the average learning driver's car insurance?
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How do you get auto insurance for accident prone drivers?

You get auto insurance for accident prone drivers the same way as normal drivers. You will need to provide relevant car details and your driving history information and then receive insurance policy quotes. Insurance premiums for accident prone drivers are generally much higher.

How much will your insurance go up if you have 1 pt on your drivers license?

A lot but not that much

How much does the average renters insurance cost in PA?

In the average rates for renters insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance, Pennsylvania is usually lower! In 2007, the average rate for PA renters insurance was only $144!

How much is the average cost of auto insurance on a Chevy HHR in the 89511 zip code?

The average price for auto insurance on a Chevy HHR in zipcode 89511 is $ 249 dollars a month. Price wil reach the $300 dollar mark if you have any other drivers in your household.

Can reckless drivers get auto insurance?

Yes, reckless drivers can get auto insurance, but it will be much more expensive than drivers who have a clean record. In the United States, all states - except for Virginia, New Hampshire, and Mississippi - require all automobile owners to have minimum coverage in auto insurance.

How much can your insurance go up with a DUI conviction?

== == Why do you assume you will GET insurance, after a DUI? The insurance industry is cracking down on those who drink and drive, by refusing to insure such drivers.

How much do truck drivers make a month?

Company semi drivers average 30-40 cents per mile that they drive. They do not have a base pay. Union drivers average more.

How much do race car drivers earn?

I average about 100 000

Do you need a learners permit to take drivers ed?

Much of drivers education is about learning rules, methods, and etiquette and does not require a permit. The learners permit allows you to get in the drivers seat and to practice driving.

How much is average property insurance for small business?


How much is the average price of repo insurance?

1 mil

Driving without insurance in Texas?

Yes, recent estimates are that as much as 30 percent of the drivers in Texas are withot the state required liability Insurance.

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