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I am not sure. I live in Missouri and it is $10 here, so I would say it's close to the same. My husband got one last month and all we had to do was cut a check and mail it in, the officer even gave him a self addressed envelope. No court .

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Q: How much is the Arkansas fine for seatbelt violation?
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How much is a seat belt ticket in New York?

A seatbelt violation in New York has a maximum fine of $100.00 and 3 points on your driving record.

How much should a fine be for no seatbelt for the driver in AR?

Just wear a seatbelt and you should be fine... lol

How much is a seat belt violation in Delaware?

how much i8s a seatbelt ticket in delaware

How much is a seatbelt violation in Arizona?

it depends on what state your in if your in California is is 1,000

If you have had a flawless driving record for 25 years will your insurance premiums increase due to a seatbelt violation?

A seatbelt violation will not increase your insurance very much or at all. They will not increase it until the policy is renewed as that is when they pull the driving record again.

Will Arkansas extradite for probation violation from New Jersey?

It depends on how much they want you. Arkansas is extraditing my husband from Kansas.

How much is the fine for not wearing your seatbelt in NJ?

somewhere between $1 and $1,000.

How much does a seatbelt violation cost in California?

Just under $100. Recently got one in Northern CA and they wanted $93.

How much is the fine for not wearing a seatbelt ticket in new jersey?

Frist offense maximum $20.00

How much is a ticket for misuse of seatbelt?

The penalty for seat belt infractions is a fine between $60 and $500.

In Louisiana how much would an improper lane usage and no seatbelt ticket be?

It would be 25 dollars for a seat belt violation for the first offense and 117 for improper lane usage.

How much is a fine for going 71 MPH in a 50 MPH zone?

Depends on what state the violation occurred in.