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50.00 just received on today

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Q: How much is expired inspection sticker ticket in Massachusetts?
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How much is expired inspection sticker in Texas?

The ticket for an expired inspection sticker is $152, the cost to get it renewed is $14.50.

Can you get a ticket in Colorado for having an expired Texas inspection sticker?


How much is expired inspection sticker ticket in Mississippi?

$50 Maximum, No Minimum

How much is an expired tag ticket in Louisiana?

As of 4/29/13 a ticket for expired tag is $159 in Shreveport, LA and expired inspection sticker is $50.

Who gets the ticket for an expired ma inspection sticker the owner or the driver?

The owner of the car gets the ticket. I just got a ticket two days ago while driving my mothers car that had an expired registration sticker. The ticket was for $50. It did however list me as the operator on the ticket.

The car you were driving had an expired tag but it was someone else's car can you?

In Mass. can you get a ticket for driving someone else's car with an expired inspection sticker?

How much is an expired inspection sticker in Texas?

In Pennsylvania, it can cost you between 100 and 200 dollars depending on how the officer feels that day.

If you have a expired NJ inspection sticker can they pull you over in pa?

if your vehicle is licensed in NJ, and has NJ plates on it, and you have NJ insurance, they cannot ticket you in PA for having expired NJ inspection.

What happens if you get a ticket for no inspection sticker?

You have to pay the ticket. And go through inspection.

Can you get a parking ticket for expired inspection sticker in pa?

I recently got a ticket for having expired lience tabs when my car was parked. Is this right? can the police do this?

How do you beat an expired inspection ticket?

you cannot

How much is no inspection sticker ticket in Virginia?