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The price of a ticket for careless operation in South Carolina varies between cities and counties. Generally they cost between $250 and $300.

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Q: How much is a careless operation ticket in sc?
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What happens if you live in sc and get a ticket in Virginia?

You have to resolve the ticket in Virginia and then VA will report it to SC and it will be treated as if you received it in SC.

How much does a one way greyhound ticket cost from Columbia to beaufort?

A one way refundable fare costs $32.50 for a single ticket on Greyhound Bus from Columbia SC to Beaufort SC.

If you got a ticket for 84 in a 65 in Georgia but you are from SC how much will this ticket cost how many points and how will it affect your insurance if it is your second speeding ticket in 4 years?

Get a life.

How much is a one way ticket from florence SC to greenville SC on greyhound?

Its 50 dollars. I just took one from florence to greenville last week,

Why does late registration ticket cost so much in SC?

Because SC is no different than any other state in that it is an additional fee which is set by the agency or the legislature

How much does an airline ticket cost to go from colombia sc to myrtle beach sc?

The price of an airline ticket from Columbia, SC to Myrtle Beach, SC will fluctuate based on many factors. Some of these factors include the time of year you are traveling, the day of the week, and which airline you prefer to use. There are several online sites that allow you to compare rates and get the best deal on airline tickets.

What if you are a couple of days late paying a seatbelt ticket in SC?

You have 15 days from the date of the ticket to have it delivered to the court house....

I got a traffic ticket in Myrtle Beach SC and woud like to pay it online. How do I pay it online and if I should send a money order where do I send it?

I got a traffic ticket in MyrtleBeach, SC and would like to pay it online. How do I pay ii online and if I should send a money order where do I send it? There is no address on the ticket.

Is there a statute of limitations for DUI in SC?

In South Carolina if you have been issued a ticket, there is no limit. If a ticket hasn't been issued the misdemeanor limits would probably apply.

Does michigan dmv have reciprocity with S Carolina?

Yes it does. the ticket will show on your SC license and vice versa

Will a twenty year old parking ticket in NJ will cause SC driver license to be suspended?


Are there any penalties for paying a speeding ticket late in York SC?

It may depend on the issuing authority. Many will post a standard fee on the ticket and include an increase if paid late.