How much is a 5x10 U-Haul trailer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Call your local U-Haul Rental Agency for current prices.

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Q: How much is a 5x10 U-Haul trailer?
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How much does it cost to rent a moving trailer from Uhaul within the city of Chicago?

Uhaul's pricing varies dependent upon which trailer you rent. They do have mulitple available, and your car will play a factor to which you can use. The most affordable trailer is $14.95 for 6 hours, pricing will change from there.

Are there mileage restrictions on trailer rentals?

Uhaul has no mileage restrictions for their trailer rentals, I am not sure about other companies. Uhaul is a nationwide chain so should be good for you.

I need to rent a trailer to help in moving my vehicle. Will Uhaul be able to help me out?

Uhaul is a great service for moving all kinds of things, including large items like a vehicle. You may have a different kind of trailer (as well as a different price) than a regular moving trailer, but you're likely to find the perfect one to move your car with Uhaul.

Will two four wheelers fit on a 5x10 trailer?

Depends on the dimensions of your 4 wheelers

How much weight can a 5x10 trailer with 3000 pound rated axle carry?

The total weight of the trailer and cargo can safely and legally carry what the axle is rated for, up to 3000 lbs with proper tires.

Could you suggest places to visit with a small UHaul trailer from East to West Coast going the Southwest route?

Chicago, Vegas

Is it OK to tow a U-Haul trailer with a Subaru Legacy wagon?

Yes, you should be able to tow a 6x12 utility trailer, use the uhaul website to make your reservation and it will verify that your car can tow the selected trailer during the process.

How much does 50 cent bench?

He benches 170kg, 5x10

How much are your 5X10 trailers?

is there a site that tells you a math problem

What is 5x10 4?

5x10 = 50 - 4 = 46 Answer - 46

What is the worlds smallest trailer?

The smallest volume production trailer- I've seen is the Uhaul sport trailer (only45cu. ft.) I have seen customer built trailers to match show cars that were the size of a 300qt cooler 2 x 2 x 4 (aprox 16cu. ft)

Is it possible to tow a Uhaul trailer with a Chevy Blazer?

Blazers have a 4.3L vortec engine. Also have a rearwheel drivetrain, most have 4x4 too. hell yeah my blazer can tow a Uhaul. could probably pull 2. (think the towing limit is like 4,000-4,500 pounds.)