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Level 3 parts on any muscle car or lvl 4 parts on a zonda

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Q: How much horsepower do you need to do a wheelie on NFS pro street ps2?
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How much horsepower does it take to make a 1974 nova pop a wheelie?

Probably over 500. You need to make sure the body can take the strain before you try it.

Is it possible in Need for speed undercover to wheelie?

Yes it is possible to do a wheelie

In need for speed pro street how do you make your car do a wheelie I need it to win?

first you need to get the power level up to 4 then you can add nitro to the mix and that 's how it worked for me.

How do you hold a wheelie in need for speed pro street?

Just Keep Perfect Shifting...and let the opponent go first before you to win

How much horsepower do you need to pull 110000?

Horsepower is irrelevant - it's torque that matters.

Are there wheelie bars on need for speed underground?


How do you do a wheelie on an RC car?

You need powerful engine...

How much horsepower does a stock Chevy 305 have?

Need to know the year.

How much horsepower does a 1993 Toyota Corolla have?

The 1993 Toyota Corolla had 110 horsepower. To achieve the Corollas maximum horsepower you would need to be moving at 5,600 rpms.

How much horsepower does it take to do a wheely in a car?

wheelies don't come from horsepower it comes from torque. you need about 600 lbs per foot.

Why cant you pick up the front wheel?

if you can't get your wheel up in a wheelie i can help. All you need to do is know how to pop a wheelie. If you know how to pop a wheelie you stop pedaling to go down, you just keep pedaling instead of stopping. its that easy.

How much horsepower does a chevy 350 motor have?

Need to KNOW the year and what it came in from the factory.