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The edelbrock performer 350 crate engine has 310hp/375ft-lbs. So if you have the same cam, compression, etc., it should produce close to that.

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There are too many variables. Take the stock HP for that engine and add 25-35 HP, that's my guess.

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Q: How much horse power does a Chevy 350 truck motor plus edelbrock performer manifold and carburetor combo plus msd coil have?
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What should the timing be set at on a Chevy 350 with an edelbrock performer cam and manifold?

10-12 degrees

How do you set a edelbrock carburetor on a 1985 Chevy 350?

edelbrock has a square flange gasket fo it

How well will a edelbrock torker 2 intake manifold and a 650 cfm edelbrock carb work on a Chevy small block 400 in a 4x4?

The torker 2 is a single-plane design, so it won't work as well as a 2-plane such as a Performer or Performer RPM.

How do you install a edelbrok carburetor on a 350 Chevy engine?

The Edelbrock carbs work very well right out of the box, so if you have the correct intake manifold it should bolt right on with no problems. The Edelbrock website has all the info you need for tuning and connectivity.

What is the vacuum need to be on a 305 Chevy engine with an edelbrock carburetor?

17-22 Hg

What does edelbrock c355 manifold fit?

Chevy 265, 1955 -56. Want to sell it?

What is the torque specs on an edelbrock aluminum intake manifold for a 67' chevy 396?

25 ft./lbs.

How much horsepower does an Edelbrock intake and carburetor add to a 1977 Chevy blazer?

Hard to say, they have several intakes and carburetors for that application.

What is the best carburetor for a Chevy S 1985 model 305 Ci?

I've had good luck with the Edelbrock 1406 right out of the box.

You have a 1984 305 Chevy HO engine with 480 lift cam standard exhaust manifold and 650 Holley carb you would like to what intake to use?

The Edelbrock Performer and Performer RPM would be good choices. Also there are a couple Weiand dual plane intakes that would work well.

Is a edelbrock 750 to big for a 1978 Chevy 400 smallblock?

If it is a stock motor then yes it is. 600 CFM carburetor will be just fine on a stock engine.

Which Chevy carburated manifold fits on 1994 engine block?

Chevy didn't make an intake manifold for that 94 that you can mount a carburetor to. You will need to purchase one from an aftermarket company.