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The car doesn't use any fuel to shut it off, while cranking it only uses the same amount of fuel as it would while at idle.

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Q: How much gas does it use to turn off and restart the car?
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How do you turn engine light off from lose gas cap?

Turn your engine off, check the gas cap and restart your car. If that doesn't work, be more specific about which car you have or check your owners maunal.

How do you restart Jaguar after running out of gas?

To restart a Jaguar after running out of gas, turn the key on and off a few times. Turning the key on will signal the fuel pump to pump gas into the carburetor.

Car stalls when accelerating?

when kick down the gas pedal to accelerate, the car downshift but then stalls and then engine stays rough until i turn off the engine and restart it then the engine runs normal again till the next kick down.

While driving a 1996 Firebird car dies outs and cannot restart What could be the problem?

Battery, Alternator, Gas?, Spark plugs, loss of pressure in the enguine? is the car turning over at all? does it want to start? Does it do anything when you turn the key?

You have A 98 ford escort SE you got out to move something and left the car running the car died and now it will not restart?

Did it run out of gas?

Why did my Car stall when driving and restart again?

Bad fuel filter or maybe some water in the gas tank.

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe...Car ran out of gas and wont restart up.?

If you already put gas on the car and still don't start you need to put a little gas on the gas filter. That make the car start right away. Is because it take a while fot the gas to go up went the car was totaly dry. Try it work...

How much money in gas does a car waist weekly?

How much money in gas does a car waste weekly?

2000 Mazda 626?

why does my car turn of when i push the gas

Why a car sputter when making a turn?

check your gas filter

Why will your car not turn over?

There are numerous reasons why a persons car will not turn over. The battery could be dead, the car may be out of gas, or the car may have a problem with the fuel pump.

Best way to bring car out of a skid?

release gas and turn away from where the car is headed.