How much dose game truck cost?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The average run of the mill game truck party starts at around $300 for two hours... However there are luxury game trucks that charge from $400 and up for a two hour party. These luxury game trucks refer to themselves as Mobile VIP Suites because they provide an atmosphere reminiscent of a cool club VIP section. Complete with a red carpet, velvet rope, VIP bracelets for security, and 2 personal concierges to attend to your child's every need.

The luxury services also provide unique services that are worth the additional charges such as streaming wireless video of the party directly into your home, CPR & First Aid certified adults who have gone through a nation wide criminal background check supervising the party. Kids can eat, dance, play their own music, watch 3-D movies and of course play the most popular video game in 3-D.

Depending on your budget, and how important a safe and unique experience is to you, will decide if you go with a low budget game truck, our a safety conscientious Mobile VIP Suite.

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Q: How much dose game truck cost?
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