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The cost of traffic school in California will depend on the city. The prices for traffic schools are not listed online.

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2014-06-18 20:18:14
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Q: How much does traffic school cost in california?
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How much does a speeding ticket cost for going 94mph in a 65mph zone in Sacramento county California and is that eligible for traffic school?

In Kern county, it is $459 Not eligible for traffic school.

How much does a gridlock traffic ticket cost in California?


How much does a red light violation in California cost and does it count if it was a yellow light when you started the intersection?

$389 with traffic school 410

How much does it cost for California traffic violation 21802?

202 dollars

How much cost traffic ticket California?

No more than $300.

How much will a ticket in California cost for 81 mph in a 65 mph zone for an 18-year-old?

About $300 plus traffic school.

How much does violation 21461a in san Diego California cost?

My ticket for that is $168, but $196 if I want to do traffic school. Unfortunately, it doesn't tell me points will be.

How much does cost a wrong turn ticket in CA?

In the state of California, a wrong ticket turn will cost you about $210.00. This does include the fee that goes into traffic school, if you are directed to go to the course.

How much is the fine for California traffic violation 21461 A?

Its $235 total bail and $290 with traffic school! Sucks.

How much does a 28-855B traffic citation cost in the state of Arizona?

$188.00 for traffic school. In Tempe

How much does traffic school cost?

An online traffic school course will cost somewhere between $10 and $40. Offline schools cost about $50, and depending on your state and court, offline school may be your only option.

How much will the ticket cost for going 98 in a 65 zone on the I-10 freeway in Fontana California and can you attend traffic school for this?

The ticket to my knowledge will be about $429.00, (IIRC it's $13/mile) plus traffic school fees. You can go to traffic school if you havent gone for a previous ticket in the past 18 months.

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