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well I found out.. There's no late fee in Oregon. they just reset your expiration date 2 years after your old expiration date. but you can still be ticketed for not having current registration. price is $54.00

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Q: How much does it cost to renew license-plate tags in Oregon 7 days after their expiration date but still in the same month?
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What does RBM1 after drivers license expiration date mean?

RBM1 stands for "Report Before Month 1," which means that the driver needs to report to the DMV and renew their license before the end of the first month after the expiration date to avoid further penalties or consequences. It's important for drivers to renew their licenses on time to avoid any interruption in their driving privileges or additional fees.

How many months do you have to renew your California Phlebotomy license after it expires?

You must renew it by the expiration date.

How do you renew a car registration?

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When do I have to renew my driver's license in NJ?

In New Jersey, the law states that you must renew your driver's license before the expiration date. You can renew your license up to 6 months before it expires.

How close to the experation date can you renew your driver license in ohio?

You can renew it as close to the expiration date as want but if if's after that date you'll probably get a fee.

In Oregon how often must you renew a boats certificate of number?

In Oregon, you must renew a boat's certificate of number every two years

When your driver's license expires on your birthday how long do you have to renew license before it is suspended?

There is no grace period provided for expiration of a license. It is no longer valid after the expiration date.

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I would suggest that you either call the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles or go in directly and ask them in person.

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