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Q: How much does an Unloaded truck weight versus a car?
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How much does a military 5 ton truck weigh?

Actually the 5 ton designation is payload capacity i believe that the weight unloaded is around 15000lb

How much do a unloaded truck weighs to a car?

An unloaded curb weight for a full size truck can range from approx. 4,600lbs. short bed/2wd, 2dr, manual 6cyl. upto 7,600 4dr, 4wd, dually, diesel. Most compact/mid size cars are in the 3200-3700lbs range.

How much does a tow truck weigh?

a light duty tow truck weighs between 7500lbs and 9500lbs unloaded.

How much does a ups truck weight?

Ups truck

How much do the cow and truck weigh together?

This depends on the weight of the truck and the type of truck, the size and weight of the cow, etc.

How much does a unloaded 5000 lb capacity lift truck weigh?

A unloaded 5000 lb capacity lift truck typically weighs between 8000 to 9000 lbs, depending on the specific make and model of the truck.

How much dose a concrete truck weight?

It depends on how much the truck weighs, how much cement it is carrying and how many people there are in the truck

How much does the average gmc 7000 series truch weigh?

The average weight of a GMC 7000 series truck can vary based on the model and configuration. However, these trucks typically have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranging from 25,000 to 33,000 pounds.

What could have caused an over loaded truck tire to burst?

Well maybe the weight of whatever was in the truck or something. Or the truck couldn't carry to much weight.

How much does a regular size Table top truck weigh?

tabletop truck weight depends on size of truck

How much weight can a 1989 F-600 dump truck carry?

about 5 ton depending on how much the truck weighs and what the truck is plated for in your state

Delivery truck with 10500 gvw how much weight can it hold?

Deduct the actual weight of the vehicle (E-350 Van) from 10,500 lbs. The remainder is the weight capacity of the cargo (including Passenger weight) that the manufacturer specifies for the vehicle. If vehicle weight is unknown buy a weight ticket at a commercial scale and drive it unloaded onto the scale with the normal driver on board. Subtract this weight from 10,500 lbs. The remainder would be the maximum legal cargo weight which may be loaded.