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Between $125k and $200k depending on brands managed

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Q: How much does a General Manager for luxury cars make?
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Does Mitzubishi make any luxury cars?

While Mitzubishi is known for their mid-range cars they do have a few luxury options. Some of their luxury models are the 3000 GT and the Diamante models.

Who make Cadillac car?

Cadillac is a luxury vehicle line owned by General Motors.

What does a general manager of a mls team make?

about 75,0000

How much does an RV general manager make?

12$ an hr

Why did TO get fired?

cause she make the core atack the general manager

What car company makes the best luxury cars?

Many different companies make luxury cars to suit different preferences and price points. These include GM Cadillac, Toyota Lexus, Nissan Infinity, BMW, Audi and many others.

Do Alamo rental use Buick cars?

Yes, Alamo rental cars do use Buick cars in the United States. They use Premium and Luxury cars. I have personally used these types and make of cars on visits to the USA. J. B.

What extended car warranties should I make sure to get?

Depending on your car, the answer will differ. If you want to find the best for luxury cars, you will pay more than if it is for a non luxury car you own.

What make in model makes fuel efficient luxury cars?

There are a variety of prices as there are many different kind of cars. However if you think about $27,000 to $35,000 you would be in the ballpark.

How much money does a auto dealer general manager earn?

The average General Manager of a new car franchise makes about $240k per year. A General Manager running an extremely profitable store can make $500k-1 million.

How much does a manager at Casey's general store make?

40k a year

How much money does a general manager make at California Pizza Kitchen?

They make about 6 figures