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With the information provided, no way to give a definitive answer. The M2 106 is available in GVW ratings from 20,000 lbs. up to 56,000 lbs, the engines available for that year were either the Cummins ISB or ISL, transmissions available were the Allison four, five, six, or seven speed auto, the ZF Meritor seven speed manual, or the Eaton six, 8LL, 9, or 10 speed manual transmissions. It was available in day cab, extended cab, crew cab, or cab and sleeper configurations, and could be had in a number of configurations, single or tandem axle (or even tri- or quad axle, if one so opted)... dump truck, ambulance, water tanker, septic tanker, Western hauler, truck tractor, service truck, mobile crane, etc.... suffice to say, there isn't one answer which is going to cover the entire spectrum of what that truck could be. It helps to let us know if you're talking about, say, a single axle box van or a tandem axle dump truck, you know?

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Q: How much does a 2010 frieghtliner m2 106 weigh?
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