How much do carhops make at sonic drive-ins?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Car hops in a middle to high volume Sonic can make $8-10 an hour in tips. If they skate and they are cute, there is no limit.

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Q: How much do carhops make at sonic drive-ins?
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How much do carhops make at sonic drive ins?

Car hops in a middle to high volume Sonic can make $8-10 an hour in tips. If they skate and they are cute, there is no limit.

How much do sonic employees make?

Carhops' pay vary from carhop to carhop and drive in to drive in. Many Sonic Drive Ins' now actually pay the state tip wage to carhops that are serving customers outside. Carhops that are friendly, quick and C.A.R.E. about the customers (you will have to work at Sonic to get the C.A.R.E. definition! lol). Experienced carhops in a busy drive in can, easily, earn $10-$15 in tips per hour not including the tip wage. Keep in mind that carhops must claim all tips at the end of their shift so it can be taxed. Again, this is all based on the hope that your Sonic Drive-In strives to be what the company strives for. SERVICE AT THE SPEED OF SOUND!

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