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As much as he wants and as much as you are willing to pay. Remember, you can always walk away.

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Q: How much can car dealership charge for compliance fees?
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How much does a Ford dealership charge for labor?

In CT USA, it is about $118 hour.

How much do paving contractors charge per hour?

According to, paving contractors typically charge between $60 and $100 per hour. They may charge other fees such as site visit fees or preparation fees.

In Florida how much can a HOA charge in fees for paying HOA fees late?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.

Does the Port Columbus International airport charge boarding fees?

The Port Columbus International Airport does charge boarding fees. The fees often are only a few dollars but can sometimes cost as much as twenty to thirty dollars.

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In the US public schools are paid for by taxes and therefore do not charge fees.

How much does Ticket Master charge in fees when purchasing concert tickets?

Ticketmast charges about 3.5% in fees on every purchase made using their service.

Does it cost more to send flowers the same day?

Yes much more. They usually charge rush delivery fees or next day shipping fees. It can cost double as much.

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I think between 500 for consultation fees

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In California, they can not charge more thn $150. which includes all photo-copy fees. You pay pre and post counselling fees as well as the filling fee which is $260. in California.

How much does the dealership usually charge you for a cigarette burn in the backseat when you return a leased car?

Less than a hundred dollars!

How much is an attorney to go to court 1 time to fight cps for your kids back?

There is no set charge. Different attorneys charge different fees.

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charges to keep your vehicle in an area that is not yours.