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Speeding tickets in Virginia Beach can be as high as $3,000. On average drivers will pay $5 for every mile over the speed limit along with $62 of court costs.

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Q: How much are speeding tickets in Virginia Beach?
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The Virginia Beach ball is November 2, 2012. Last years tickets were around $60 each. More info on MC balls can be found in the related link.

How much are speeding tickets in NC?

It depends on how much over the speed limit you were going.

How much will a speeding ticket cost for 38 on a 25 zone in Virginia Beach?

If its a 'posted' work zone I believe that Virginia is one of those states where the both the fines AND the points double in an occupied work zone.

How much do rascal flatts tickets cost?

On StubHub, Rascal Flatts tickets range from $15 in Bristow, VA to $699 in Virginia Beach, VA. On the Rascal Flatts website, members can log in and order pre-sale tickets as well.

How much are speeding tickets in Nova Scotia?

I just got one and it cost me $279.50!!

How much is a carton of cigarettes in Virginia?

how much is a carton of ciggerettes in Virginia Beach, VA

How much will it cost for a speeding ticket in the state of Virginia if you do not live in that state?

That depends on the exact violation and also on the court. The only way to know for sure is to contact the clerk of court. Virgina does report speeding tickets to your home state so you need to know how it will effect your license and insurance before you just pay your Virgina speeding ticket. Often a Virgina traffic attorney can get it reduced and save you money. See the link below for a full discussion on VA speeding tickets and where you can look up your ticket online.

Can you beat a speeding ticket based on the 6Th amendment?

It's possible but unlikely. Most speeding tickets don't result in a trial; much less an appeal.

Jail time for unpaid speeding tickets in Utah?

If you have an unpaid speeding ticket in Utah, there is a possibility that you could spend as much as 6 months in jail. This will depend on the circumstances.

How much will two speeding tickets in WA state raise insurance rates?

That depends, who you are currenly insured with and what KIND of speeding tickets they are. A typical speeding ticket is 2 pts, however an excessive speeding ticket is 5 points. It also depends what tier you are currently in with your current agency. I currently pay 109.23, if I added 4 points it goes to 127.88 a month, but if I add 10 points (two excessive speeding tickets), it goes to 193.18. I am in the second highest tier in my company.

How much are one direction tickets at Jones beach for 2013?

Look on

How much would a speeding ticket 64 in a 55 with no insurance be?

That will depend on who issued the ticket for speeding. And it is likely to be two separate tickets. Each jurisdiction gets to set their own penalties.