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  • $1.50 at the most
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Q: How much are slushies at Sunoco gas station?
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What American gas station is the most expensive?


What gas station in Indianapolis sells the legal bath salts?

sunoco gas station on 34th and keystone ave, IN46218

Does Sunoco gas station accept discover card?

I'm pretty sure it does. But I would look it up online if I were you.

Tampa sunoco gas station 56 street and slihg ave?

What's the question? BTW the name of the avenue is Sligh. Sunoco was in Florida in a big way until the 70s and then pulled out. They came back to Florida in the late 90s when they purchased Coastal Gas stations.

Does Sunoco Inc have any gasolines without ethanol?

all the sunoco gas stations here in fl are ethanol free.

Which gas station in Philadelphia has the best petrol prices?

The cheapest gas over the past 24 hours was found at Sunoco (Ultra Service Center). The location is 414 Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA, 19468

Is Sunoco 260 GTX gas any worse for the air than regular gas?


How much does the gas used in NASCAR cost?

The price of the Sunoco 260 GTX is nine dollars and twenty cents per gallon.

Where can someone set up a Sunoco account online?

One can set up a Sunoco account online by visiting the official Sunoco website. Sunoco offers a 'Rewards Credit Card' that allows users to receive cash back on their gas purchases, among other things.

Why did NASCAR change to Sunoco gas?

Because they gave NASCAR more money.

How much money are people paying for gas?

It depends on the gas station

How can you calculate how much money you will spend on gas?

Get a receipt at the gas station.