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25 - 30.

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Q: How many yards of dirt do 18-wheel end dump trucks carry?
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Yards of dirt in a dump truck?

Need to know the specifics of the dump truck you had in mind. Tandem axle dumps in the company I work for... if they have a 'dirt tub' body, they can carry 16 cubic yards. The ones with the 'rock tub' dump bodies can carry 15 cubic yards.

How much dirt does a dump truck hold?

How much dirt a dump truck holds will vary based on the size of the truck. Small dump trucks can hold around 7 cubic yards. Large double axle dump trucks can hold up to 20 tons.

In what ways is a dumper truck used?

A dumper truck is used to carry and transport materials such as gravel, dirt and sand in construction. You can get more information about dumper trucks at the Wikipedia.

How many yards of dirt to cover 260'x12'x5'?

577 yards.

How many cubic yards in a ton of dirt?

There is about 2800lbs in 2 yards of top soil.

A hole that is 2 yards wide3 yards long and 1 yard deep How many cubic feet of dirt are in it?

None because it's a hole but 6 cubic yards of dirt will fill it up.

How many cubic yards of top soil in 1 ton of dirt?

There may be very little or even none . Topsoil and "dirt" are different substances

How many yards of dirt will i need for a 1ft. x 36ft. x 3in. trench?

how many yards of dirt for a 1foot x 36 foot x 3inch trench

How many yards of dirt is 14 cubic feet?

14 cubic feet = 0.518 cubic yards

A hole that is 2 yards wide 3 yards long and 1 yard deep holds how many cubic feet of dirt?

It doesn't hold any dirt. It's a hole.

How many cubic yards of dirt is a football field?

None. Just build the baseball field where the dirt is already there.

How many cubic yards can a pickup truck carry?

First, the term "dirt" is way too vague. -it could be any of a number of types of soils,sands or rock, all of differing density. - An F-150 has a bed volume of approximately 2 cu yards. If you filled that level with standard, dry topsoil it will weigh approximately 2,000 pounds. Average building rubble will be about 3,200 pounds. Wet beach sand will be about 3,180 pounds