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Watts are units for measuring the rate of energy consumption. So it is meaningless to speak of how many watts something consumes in a length of time. (It would be like asking how many miles per hour a car drives in an hour.)

Energy consumption may be measured in kilowatt-hours. A typical microwave consumes 1500 watts, which would be 1.5 kilowatt-hours in one hour.

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Q: How many watts does a microwave consume in an hour?
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How many kilo watts does a 5.5 watts water filter consume in one hour?

5.5 watts is 0.0055 kilowatts. in one hour the equipment uses 0.0055 kilowatt-hours.

How many watts consume a medium refrigerator?

The fridge consumes the watts. My fridge is a normal one, it consumes 500 watts for 2 minutes every hour.

How many watts does a light bulb use per week?

Your question is rather like asking "How many miles per hour do you do in a week?" You don't consume watts over time, it's a measure of how many joules of energy you consume over time.

How many watts does the microwave Magic Chef has?

1500 watts

How many watts does a microwave use per hour?

it normally says on the box and it depends on the effieciency of your microwaveAnswerThere is no such thing as a 'watt per hour'. So, are you asking "How many watts..." or are you asking "How many watt hours...."? The watt is an unit for power, whereas a watt hour is a unit for energy.

How many watts does a iron consume in an hour?

A typical iron uses 1000 watts all the time the heating element is working. It is controlled by a thermostat so the element might be on for a quarter of the time. In an hour the iron might consume 250 watt-hours or 0.25 of a unit.

How many amps flows through a microwave?

Depends on how many watts the microwave is.

How many watts is for a 5.5 microwave?

550 watts at max power.

How many watts for a Sharp Carousel II convection microwave oven model R-9H73?

The microwave oven uses 1350 watts at 12 amps input and the microwave output is 800 watts.

How many watts does sharp carousel microwave model r-310dw have?

1540 Watts

How many watts of power does this microwave supply?

The Whirlpool MT4155SPQ 1.5 CuFt Countertop Microwave Oven supplies 1200 watts of power.

How many volts of electricity does a microwave have?

It has 1000 watts