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Depends. 17 tons, give or take, is typical.

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Q: How many tons of sand does a triaxle dump truck hold?
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How many cords of wood will a triaxle truck hold?

8 cords 9 if your lucky

How many tons does a dump truck hold?

it depends on how big the dump truck is

How many cubic yards will my dump truck hold it is 16x5.5x8?

How many cubic yards will my dump truck hold it is 16x5.5x8

How many tons of rock can a dump truck hold?

It depends on the size of the dump truck.

How many liters does a dump truck hold?

How many liters a dump truck holds depends on the size of the bed of the truck. A small dump truck can hold about 1,024 liters.

How many yds in a triaxle dump truck?

That depends on the dimension of the dump body. The dump body could hold 15 - 20 cubic yards of material, typically. As for what can legally be hauled, it depends on the commodity and weight of the commodity per cubic yard, as well as state laws pertaining to what weight limits they allow for a tri-axle.

How many tons of concrete can a triaxle dump truck haul?

Concrete is measured in yards, not tons. As for permissible tonnage on a dump truck, it'll vary by state. IIRC, in North Carolina, a tri-axle dump is typically good for 16 - 18 tons, dependent on tare weight, wheelbase, and whether they're traveling on primary or secondary roads.

How many tons of gravel can average dump truck can hold?

12 ton

How many cubic yards of dirt does a tandem axle dump truck hold?

17 tons

How many pcs of coco husk can dump truck can fill in?

Dump truck specifications vary greatly- too much so for a "one size fits all" type of answer. A better idea of what type of dump truck, how many cubic yards the bed can hold, etc would be needed here.

How many yards will a quad-axle dump truck hold?


About how many liters does a dump truck hold?

Dump trucks typically don't haul liquid commodities, unless you're thinking of snow removal operations where they'll be outfitted with prewet or calcium chloride tanks. Even with that in mind, you need to remember that there are many different sizes of dump truck out there. 15 cubic yards is "typical" for a tandem axle dump truck.