How many times has gm gone bankrupt?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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One time.

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Q: How many times has gm gone bankrupt?
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How many jobs will be lost if GM goes bankrupt?

i dont think any one will know i dont think any one will know

If gm went bankrupt would salaried retierees still receive their pensions?


Why did Pontiac go out of business and go bankrupt?

Pontiac never went bankrupt. Pontiac was a model built by General Motors. GM decided to stop building the Pontiac in 2010.

Why arent gm exchange traded bonds such as bgm hgm rgm trading?

I think they went bankrupt!

Cadillac deville - wait 3 minutes?

People have been ripped off. GM should have to fix this problem. Unfortunately GM went bankrupt. Now we are stuck.

How much are gm bonds worth if gm goes bankrupt?

They have many different bonds issued, representing and secured by different things and asssets...each will be worth different amounts ranging from very little, even nothing to almost or entirely full value.

What happens to GM dealers if GM goes bankrupt?

If GM declares bankruptcy and stops making the vehicles sold by a GM dealer, then that dealer will have to find something else to sell or go out of business. Some forms of bankruptcy do not require that the company stop operating, but merely require that they operate under the supervision of a court while they sell off assets and reorganize to better pay off their debts. In that kind of a GM bankruptcy, many GM dealers may continue to have product to sell.

Why did the US Economy receive stress after President Obama was elected into office?

The US economy faced stress after President Obama's election due to the severity of the 2008 financial crisis. His administration had to deal with the aftermath of the crisis, including widespread job losses, a decline in housing prices, and a fragile banking sector. The economic stress was already present before Obama took office, and his policies aimed at mitigating the effects of the crisis.

If gm goes bankrupt what will pbg pay on a retirees pension?

For 2009 benefits are limited to those 65 years of age or older and about $54,000 annually in benefits.

What does a NFL GM do?

GM's control the flow and progresse of the team and are some times the owners.

How many Gm in a GM?

1000grams in a kilogram.

If you buy gm now and they go bankrupt you lose your money?

That's generally what happens when you make a bad investment. Stock is equity...ownership....not debt or a loan to the Company.