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Q: How many times DUI before you liscense is permanently revoked?
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How many times can you get a DUI before your license gets revoked permanently in Florida?


How many times can you drive on a revoked license before going to jail in illinois?


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Can you use the word revoke in a sentence?

If you are cited numerous times for traffic violations, the State will revoke your license and you won't be able to drive legally.

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What would happen if a 16 year old in GA that just gets their license gets caught with some one in the car other than family in the car?

At the age of 16 and you just get your liscense you must have a liscensed driver with you at all times. It does not have to be a family member.UNLESS ITS YOUR REGULAR liscense then it does not matter who is in your car at the age of sixteen.

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Do you need a drivers liscense to operate gas powered scooters?

Gas powered scooters require you to have a helmet on at all times present on the scooter and a license is not always needed.

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No magnet is permanently magnetised. If it is dropped from a great height enough times or heated, it loses it's magentism.

If your license is revoked can you still drive?

The only way that a person can legally drive with a revoked license is with what most states call driving privileges. A judge can allow the person to drive for work purposes and can restrict the days and times, even where the person can drive, depending on work needs.

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