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Allow a minimum of 3 seconds of braking distance at 55 MPH, add an extra second for each 5 MPH increase in speed.

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Q: How many seconds should a vehicle drive behind another?
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How far behind another vehicle should you stay when driving?

3 seconds

How many seconds should you drive behind another vehicle in rainy weather?

You double your distance in the rain. the seconds method is only a practices guide for beginners.

How many seconds should you be behind the person in front of you in a vehicle?

It is more like car length than seconds when following another car. You should be at least 2 car lengths from the other car.

What distance should you travel behind another vehicle when going 65 miles per hour?

You should be 2-3 seconds behind a given point that the vehicle in front just passed. At 65 mph, that is 95 feet per second, so multiply by 2 or 3 and you should be 190-280 feet behind

How far should you remain behind another vehicle?

You should always remain a safe distance when you are behind another vehicle. The recommended amount of space that you should leave is one and half car lengths.

How many feet should you be behind another car?

100 ft4 seconds

When following another vehicle how much driving time should you maintain between yourself and the other vehicle you are following?

At minimum 3 seconds. If the road conditions are adverse, it should be 5 seconds or more.

When stopped behind another vehicle on a hill you should stay back at least?


When driving behind another vehicle at night you should?

Keep your headlights on low beam.

When stopped behind another vehicle in traffic approximately how far back should you remain?

15 feet

You stood still at a red pedestrian robot and a vehicle hit you from behind into another vehicle now you need to pay R2500.00 to your assuranse company?

The vehicle that ran into you should be at fault, and should have to pay costs associated with repairs to any damaged vehicles.

When driving behind a vehicle how much driving time should you maintain between yourself and the driver in front of you?

The rule of thumb is: Prefered is Four seconds, Minimum 2 seconds. If you are texting: Prefered 4 Hours Minimum 2 hours