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it would depend on the speed of the car or the diameter of the tire.

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Q: How many revolutions will a car tire make in one mile?
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How many revolutions will a 215 70 14 tire make in a mile?

Approx 720 revolution.

How many revolutions does a tire make in a mile?

That would depend upon the size of the tire. My car has tires that are about 221/4" in diameter which means they have circumference: circumference = π x diameter ≈69.9" which is the distance travelled in one complete revolution of the tire. 1 mile = 63360 in ⇒ revolutions = 1 mile ÷ circumference_of_tire ≈ 63360 in ÷ 69.9 in ≈ 906.43 revolutions per mile My bicycle has tires that are about 271/2" in diameter meaning the number of revolutions is: revolutions ≈ 63360 in ÷ (π x 271/2 in) ≈ 733.39 revolutions per mile

Revolutions per mile for thirty three inch tire?


Revolutions per mile for forty two and a half inch tire?

474.5439 revs per mile

How many revolutions does a 33inch tire make in a mile going 60 mph?

The speed is irrelevant. 1 mile = 5280 x 12 inches, divide that by 33 for your solution, assuming the 33 refers to the circumference.

An automobile tire is rated to last for 50000 mi estimate the number of revolutions the tire will make in its lifetime?

The rotations per unit of a distance (mile, kilometer, etc.) of a tire are dependent on multiple variables. In order to answer (or even estimate) the size of the tire must be known. Tires can range in diameter from centimeters to meters in diameter.

How many times does it take a wheel to go around 1 mile?

That completely depends on the size of the wheel ... the rear wheel on a farm tractor wouldn't turn as many times in 1 mile as the wheel on a skateboard would. If the tire on a car is 30 inches across, then it turns 672 revolutions (rounded number) in one mile.

Does cooper tire make multi mile tires?


How many revolutions would a car tire make to travel one million miles?

devide 0ne million miles with the tires outer premiter

A tire has a radius of 15 inches how many feet will it travel in 6 revolutions?

approximately 47.1238898 feet.

How many revulsions does a tire 275 80R22.5 make in one minute?

It is unknown how many revolutions a 275/80R 22/ 22.5 tire makes in one minute. It all depends on who is driving and how far they go. This answer is wrong! If this tire is going say 60 mph their must be some mathematical way to figure this question out

How many times does a 14 inch tire rotate in one mile?

720.29 times