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It depends in New York if you are a regular car driver there is no points however you going only to pay a fine of ?????, but if you are a yellow cap driver and you get the ticket from TLC that's three point and fine, but if it was a regular ticket (yellow ticket) you only going to pay a fine.

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2010-02-08 19:40:55
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Q: How many points for talking on the cell phone?
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How many points for talking o cell phone in New Jersey?

i love you

How many crash points are involved with intersections?

Hands free cell phones remove the risks involved with driving and talking on the phone simultaneously.

How many points on your license do you get for talking on the phone while driving?

2 it`s the newest law

Should cell phone use in cars be banned while driving?

YES, cell phones should be banned while driving. Because they have been to many wrecks in the past years or months of people talking on the phone behind the wheel of the car. In the past months about 40 to 200 people gets into car crash by talking on the cell phone, and running a red light on the phone can cause you to get a ticket or can make you get into to many wrecks that will make you lose your life by talking on the cell phone.

How many people die from talking on the cell phone while driving?

1 more than it was coz i am about to bomb a car while he is on the cell fone

What are the dangers of using a Cellular Phone?

One of the major dangers of using a cell phone is talking while driving. Many states have passed laws outlawing the practice.

Does talking on the cell phone while driving affect your ability to drive?

yes it does because it can cause many accidents which can cause death

Should driving while talking on your cell phone be illegal Why?

Even though many people don't want talking on your cell phone while driving to be illegal, it should be because you cannot focus on driving as much as you would if you weren't talking. Serious accidents can happen even when you take your attention off of the road for a few seconds.

The advantages of the cell Phone?

If you have a cell phone then they can make calls from many more places.

Is it illegal to tlk to on the phone and text while driving a vehicle?

Many states have bills in progress to outlaw hands on cell phone talking and texting. That is because there is a linkage to increased accidents and deaths while driving using a cell phone. There is a study that concludes that cell phone use reduces your skills just as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Importance of a Cell Phone Headset?

If you have a cell phone and like to talk while you're on the go, then a cell phone headset is a very real necessity for your phone. Especially when you consider how many states have begun to crack down on cell phone use while driving, you really need a cell phone headset if you plan on legally talking on your phone while you're driving. A cell phone headset can be very cheap or astronomically expensive, depending on which model you need. If you plan on using the headset for work, consider using a bluetooth headset that won't have a wire dangling in your way.

What are the pros and cons of driving while talking on a cell phone?

There really aren't any "pros". It's a distraction and is illegal for that reason in many locations.

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