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Q: How many points are needed to define a specific line?
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Can two points determine a plane?

No, 2 points define a line, 3 points define a plane.

Does a plane have only two points?

No, two points define a line. It takes three points to define a plane.

Give a line and a point not on the line how many planes do they define?

They define one plane. A line is defined by two points, and it takes three points to define a plane, so two points on the line, and one more point not on the line equals one plane.

How would you define lines?

line is a group of points

How many points are necessary to define a line?

In Newtonian three dimensional space, two points can create a line, three to "define" it. In Einsteins "time-space", a minimum of four points are required.

How you define a line in math?

A line is the shortest distance between two points.

How many points are needed to determine a unique line?

Two distinct (different) points are needed to determine a line.

Define line segment?

A line segment has two end points. This is called an line segment.

What are the two specific points of a line segment?

Any line segment has infinitely many points and each one of them is specific to that line segment.

Why can you not define a line as an infinate set of points?

An infinite set of points can be a microscopically small line segment. An infinite number of points does not mean an infinitely long line.

What undefined terms are needed to define a line segment?


Can three points that define a particular plane also define a different plane?

Only if the 3 points are all in the same line. Then there are an infinite number of planes.If the 3 points are not all in the same line, then there is only one unique plane that contains them.That's what "define" means.